V-Studio 700 1.1.1 Update

Last updated on 3/31/2016

IMPORTANT: The below fixes and enhancements in this update have been rolled into newer updates.


  • If you are using SONAR 8 or SONAR 8.5, please install the version 1.2 update by clicking here.
  • If you are using SONAR X1, please install the version 1.3 update included in the SONAR X1b update by clicking here.


New Features in VS-700 1.1.1

  • Channel Branch Mode - In this handy mode Fader 1 controls the volume of the selected track with faders 2-8 also controlling the associated sends for the selected track.  It's an effective big board mixing technique available at the push of a button
  • Full featured and powerful ARX expansion board editor that emulates the graphic interface of the Fantom synthesizer
  • Default ACT mappings for all synthesizer and processor plug-ins included in SONAR 8
  • Navigate plug-in presets from the surface
  • Finer resolution option for the rotary encoders
  • Enhanced control over the I/O from the surface
  • Joystick controller can now be used to move windows
  • Support for 2nd Fantom VS synth when an additional VS-700R is installed

Control Surface + SONAR Issues Resolved

  • Compatibility for SONAR 8.3.1
  • Soloing layers now correctly displays layer mute states
  • Instrument tracks can now be armed
  • Pan encoders now indicated "SRRND" when routing a track to a surround bus
  • Surround width control is now available from the control surface
  • Surround joystick can now control panning from sends
  • Improve sync between fader positions and values displayed on the LCD
  • SHIFT + WHEEL now correctly fades clips
  • [ARM] lights now reset properly after exiting plug-in mode
  • Instrument tracks can now be frozen
  • Send gain display is now properly displayed in LCD for both the Faders and the Channel Strip Control Section
  • Flip did not always assign encoder parameters to faders
  • Encoder assignments sometimes did not display correctly in the LCD
  • After exiting layer mode, it was sometimes difficult to select tracks from the VS-700C
  • Under rare circumstances, turning a pan encoder left 1 click caused the pan value to drastically pan right
  • Automation now works correctly for instrument tracks

VS-700 Control Surface Plug-in Issues Resolved

  • Footswitch assignments are now working correctly
  • In the Direct Mix page, "Synth 2" was incorrectly labeled as "Synth 21"
  • In Mic Pre page "Gain" label was missing for input 8
  • Deleting the VS-700 Control Surface Plug-in sometimes caused a crash
  • Mic pre-amp gain settings now accuratley reflecting actual gain of 20dB-64dB
  • Presets now saving correctly when using two VS-700R units

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