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Featured Artist: ebony loren
Featured Artist: ebony loren
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Easily turn your ideas into songs
Make your brilliant song ideas a reality with next-generation music creation tools designed to fuel creativity and streamline your workflow.
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Cakewalk Next is coming soon
Check out the public beta, or follow us on social media for updates:
The newest addition to Cakewalk, Next offers easy to use yet powerful tools for creators of all stages.

Cakewalk Next is now in public beta, so check out our new offering before official release.
Check out the public beta, or follow us on social media for updates:
Speed up song creation with innovative arrangement and lyrics tools.
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Cross-platform Compatibility

Next is available on both Mac and Windows.

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Ease of Accessibility

No matter your level of expertise, we understand your evolving needs and meet you where you are.

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BandLab Connectivity

Publish your tracks to BandLab and access its diverse library of royalty-free sounds and samples.

Less work, more flow

Turning your dream song into reality should be easy, and Next aims to help you do just that - with features designed to streamline the creation process and get your song finished.

Suggested Specs

VersionWindows 10® and highermacOS 10.15 and higher
Processor8-core CPUIntel® Core™ or Apple M-series processor (64-bit only)
OtherASIO-compatible hardware-
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