SONAR X2 Download Installation Instructions

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR X2 Producer
  • SONAR X2 Studio
  • SONAR X2 Essential

How to access your SONAR X2 downloads

There are two ways you can access your downloads.

  1. By logging into the Cakewalk Online Store. NOTE: make sure you are selecting the correct region for your account.
  2. By filling out the info on the SONAR X2 Download Page.
Both pages require that you have purchased SONAR X2 and that it is registered to your account. You MUST provide a valid serial number and email address to access your downloads.

Please save your installers before running them:

If your web browser gives you the option to Run or Save your downloads, please choose Save and place them all in the same location on your computer (such as your Desktop or Downloads folder).

If you don't know where your web browser is set to save your downloads, try pressing CTRL + J on your keyboard when in your browser to open up your browser's download history.

If you experience any issues with your downloads, you might need to temporarily disable any anti-virus software running in the background. If you experience slow download speeds or corrupted downloads, we recommend using a web browser with a built in download manager (such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).

Please download all parts of the installer you want to run:

The SONAR X2 Downloads are broken up into several parts. For each installer to launch, you will want to completely download all parts of the desired installer to your computer beforehand.

After your files are downloaded, please run Part1.exe of each installer.

Please note the following:

  • If all of the parts are present and in the same location, the other parts will launch automatically after Part 1 is complete.
  • If the installer cannot locate the next part in the series, it will prompt you with the message, "Installation is not complete! Please download and run Part 2/3/4". If given this message, simply run the next part in the series of files.

Downloads included with each version of SONAR X2:

For a breakdown of all installers included with the SONAR X2 Producer download, click here

For a breakdown of all installers included with the SONAR X2 Studio download, click here

For a breakdown of all installers included with the SONAR X2 Essential download, click here

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